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More wood burning!

Another little box that was laying around until I re-purposed it to be my jewelry box. This one has actually held up pretty well.

Funny thing about both this piece, and the last one I posted, is that they’re both kind of cover up works. Both boxes, (and the wood burner, come to think of it) belonged to my sister, who burned a small design on each item before getting bored. The pencil box received a random curlicue here and there, and this box just had a large ‘STOP’ etched on the lid. I’m assuming because of the shape.

She was like, 10. It made sense.

Eitherhow, I remember it was fun to kind of work around those existing designs and figure things out.

But yeah! I toyed around with the idea of making a few more of these, but haven’t gotten around to it quite yet.