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OH LOOK two stunningly awful pictures of my space and inkwork. Hahaha, but it’s coming alonggg bit by bit

And now begins the long slow process of inking.

MY FAVORITE!! Not even a little bit sarcastic, I live for this stuf B)

Skeleton study from Figure Drawing last semester. Ink wash, and I believe we had 30 minutes.

Hahah, I thought the pose was cute though

Fun mini-illustration of an avocado.

I eat a whole avo almost every single day, so you could say I’m a fan. ;)


Just wanted to say hey to some of the recent followers, as well as those who have been around longer ( I do notice and appreciate the love! ) 

Few little updates on myself:

- Graduated life is definitely treating me well. A little too well, hahaha I really don’t want to get too comfortable having moved back home. My initial plan was to move back to the city as soon as possible, ideally before fall. It doesn’t look like that will be happening, mostly because I over-estimated the job market. So instead I am saving my money, working my retail job, and applying to design jobs online every chance I get! 

- With my new-found time, I have returned to an old hobby of mine, which is fitness! I used to be something of a runner, and I played soccer in high school. My bestie and I started running again at the beginning of the summer, but it was just sooooo hot. And, if any of you are runners out there, you know that if you stop running for oh say, months, and you restart, you’re not exactly in the same shape anymore. So it was pretty discouraging to be exhausted after what used to be my warmup distance. SO! I switched gears, and started getting into what I had kinda been intimidated by for a long time; lifting. I’d messed around with dumbbells before, but now I’m really enjoying learning some compound lifts, like squats, deadlifts, etc. After a month or so of getting comfortable with form, I started following the Strong Lifts program for those of you who know/care what that is. I’m three weeks in, and I gotta say I’m pretty happy with where it’s taking me!

- I needed some direction for my painting and drawing, so I looked up some Call to Artists in my area, and I’m gonna make work aimed at those shows! Even if they’re not accepted, or whatever, I just need the kickstart and the motivation to make something I’m proud of.

Keep drawing, my tumblr friends.

And always feel free to ask questions or lend advice!

And here you can see the very derpy beginnings of a new traditional piece I’m planning out. It’s like the pre-sketch…….yeah………that’s it

You can also see I’m too lazy to draw a bicycle.

The heart illustration from my last post. Crosshatching is my one true love and I am soo out of practice )’:

Me & My Broken Heart

at China Grove, North Carolina

Just a thought

Painting on the carpet, LIVING ON THE EDGE

Debussy meets Nintendo

Some random character designs popped in my head yesterday, so I’m going with it. I really want to loosen up and just doodle and draw when the whim strikes me. Make more work, whether it’s gonna pan out as a ‘worthwhile’ project, or not.

So yeah, kinda loosely based on a Dia de los Muertos theme.


Pet overlay for Geisha on Subeta~

My Art Commission Thread