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Casually trying to learn how to design characters

Sorry things are slow! In actuality they’re just too fast for me to keep up with. This last month of Senior year is whizzing by, and I’m hard at work in both my studio classes as well as wrapping up final piano performance requirements and exit portfolio packages.

I’m just hanging tight, and hopefully I will have WIP pics to share this weekend of each final project (Illustration & Figure Drawing)!

Plus it looks so nice all printed & glossy

I made a poster for one of my favorite films, The Prestige. If you haven’t seen it, you totally should.

I do love working in digitally, but photoshop really just brings out the obsessive side of me, hahaha

Little late night snippet of the latest in illustration - movie poster style

I love that last art post (the comic.) It's so clean and flowing and crisp and bright. I'm not sure what medium it is, but it really pops and I think it's a nice direction or process. To me it is very appealing.

Asked by scarletfame

The lineart was with a micron brush pen, but the color was all done in photoshop. I’m actually really pleased with the colors too, and I’m super particular about background and dialogue flow, so your comment really means a lot!

The latest in Illustration!

I really don’t see myself working in sequential art, or graphic novels, but I do have fun every now and then with a few little characters I have floating around in my mind.

The assignment was to write a little strip comic, ink it by hand and then color any way we chose. I wanted it to have a loose, screen-printed feel, so I used a limited palette and obviously very gestural fills.

The chicken shopkeeper is my favorite.

Wasting time

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Ink Wash

Master Study of… a master. Hahah, we had to recreate a drawing from an artist and make changes to it, be it conceptual or visual. I had Francisco Goya, whose drawings are… interesting, and I added the 7 dwarfs.

If you need your nails filed try scraping some piano strings, works real good

It’s later.

That Hudson River!


Self portrait after last week